CSV Splitter && Merger

CSV Splitter && Merger 1.0

Extremely easy-to-use joining and cutting tool to merge and split CSV files (See all)

CSV Splitter & Merger is a minimalistic software application designed to help you cut and join Comma-Separated Values (CSV) files in a simple and straightforward way. The tool's functionality along with the program's interface are as simple as they come - no specific settings or complicated functionality has been added, making it an extremely simple tool suitable for all kinds of users.

The Split option offers you just one possible cutting method, based on the number of lines you would like the resulting files to have. Optionally, you can tell the program to ignore the first line to get rid of the header row. This is not a bad method, but not being a free tool (it is not a pricey tool, either) it misses some more accurate splitting methods. I am assuming that when somebody needs to split a file it could be because this file is too big or it should fit on some storage media, or to be sent as an attachment via e-mail, for example. Thus, it would be nice to have the possibility of selecting a cutting method based on the maximum size of the output files, so that you could make sure they fit in whatever media you want to store them. The problem with the number of lines is that a CSV file can have 10, 100, 1,000, or 10,000 characters per line, which makes it a bit complicated to find the exact number of lines that will fit into, say, a CD-R.

Despite the lack of other options, the cutting method provided does work like a charm. The splitting process is fast and reliable, and probably that is all that matters.

As for the Join option, it is just as simple and easy to use as the previous one. You can add any number of files and put them in the order of your choice, and that is as much as you can do before clicking on the "Merge" button. Most probably, that is as much as what most people really need to put two files together. So, if you are not the picky type, this might well be the right CSV cutting and joining tool for you.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Simple interface with a clear layout
  • Fast cutting and joining speeds
  • Excellent output


  • Offers just one cutting method (number of lines per file)
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